Emma + Matt Christmas Farm Shoot

Today. Today is monumental, my friends. I, Ashlee Culverhouse, the most technologically challenged human being to ever grace the face of the planet, have a website. A real, live, working website. I’m embarrassed to say this is two years in the making. Between school, graduating, my job in Tennessee, and my big move, I literally had little to no time to work on it, and when I did, I found myself stressed, overwhelmed, and confused. But, I finally have somewhere to list my prices, update you all on recent happenings, and most importantly, display the photos that I so enjoy taking.

I couldn’t have done it without help from my dear friends, Patrick & Brittany. Without Patrick’s help and Brittany’s patience, I’d still be staring at a blank template with a cut-off logo and and one photo uploaded. Patrick did all the “hard stuff” from showing me how to buy a domain (yes, I had no clue how to buy a domain), uploading and resizing my logo, adding music, posting photos, adding pages, and all other time-consuming stuff that goes with creating a website. So, a HUGE thank you to Britt and Patrick.

Is the website exactly how I want it? No. There will be many changes in the coming months as I go through these day-to-day growing pains of attempting to run my own business. It’s a great start, though, and I’m so happy to finally unveil something.

So, without further ado, here’s my very first post, which I saved for one of my favorite shoots I’ve ever done with two of my favorite people, two of my favorite pups, and one of my very favorite feathered friends, Lupita.


I’ve been wanting to do a Christmas shoot with Matt and Emma since I saw an adorable couple dressed up in lights and star on their heads on Pinterest. My photographer friend Haley also did an incredible newlywed Christmas shoot incorporating Christmas lights that has recently hit Pinterest stardom. To make this shoot our own, Emma came up with the idea of a farm-inspired Christmas shoot. That meant including their most prized member of the family, Lupita. I challenge you to find two people that love their chickens more than Matt and Emma love their feathered family members. I’m so happy this is my first shoot to be posted on the new website. Not just because Emma is the amazing designer behind my logo, but because I think this shoot captures this couple’s personality to a tee. It captures their love, their quirkiness, and their playful spirit; all the while incorporating items that make the Christmas season one of the happiest times of year. And if you think it’s easy to get two dogs and chicken to look at a camera, then think again.