A Spring Family Session

This is by far one of my favorite family shoots that I’ve done to date. When Emily contacted me to shoot a series of photos of her rather large family, I was encouraged by her excitement, but I’ll admit I was a bit nervous. Large family shoots are always tricky; the men would rather be watching sports or the kids are hot/cold/tired/hyper or the women are worried about their hair or the kids. It’s easy for a large family shoot to derail, but as soon as I pulled in the long, winding driveway at the family farm, my worries faded away. The yard was filled with the most vibrant, beautiful azaleas I’d ever seen that made the perfect backdrop for our formal family shots. As I walked into the Chapman’s plantation-style home, I was introduced to so many friendly people as well as a few familiar faces. It turns out that Emily has two aunts that are both teachers at Westfield. Mrs. Goodwin taught second grade when I was in elementary school and although I was in Mrs. Nunn’s class, I always adored Mrs. Goodwin from the time I did get to spend with her. I also greeted my high school English teacher, Mrs. Floyd, with a hug. I cannot even begin to put into words what an amazing teacher Mrs. Floyd is…well, I guess I could, but I’d need much more writing space than I have now. I can say that the three sisters, Mrs. Floyd, Mrs. Goodwin, and Mrs. Chapman, have the kindest hearts and those kind hearts have been passed down to their daughters and their children, too. Not to mention, I’m fairly certain that they’re the best-dressed family in all of Georgia.

We could not have special-ordered a more perfect afternoon weather-wise. The sun was shining through the trees that were beginning to bloom fresh with Spring; everything went perfectly. By the time it was time for me to leave, I was practically begging to be part of their big family. Here are just a few of my favorites from the afternoon we spent together.