Ansleigh Jarrell // Taylor County High School Senior

Ansleigh’s family and my family go way back – I can remember sitting with my granddaddy on the front porch swing and hearing him tell stories from his childhood and young adulthood that included many a Jarrell. My family’s favorite thing to do on Saturdays was to ride our four-wheelers through Timms Creek and stop by Jarrell’s Gro. on the way back for a snack and to talk to sweet Miss “Essie.” And the beautiful red barn that is a Jarrell Community landmark (and makes an appearance in these photos) was built by my granddaddy and was the subject of the very first picture I took back in 2nd grade. Ansleigh quickly became one of my favorite people – not only was it probably the coldest morning we’ve had all year, but she’d sprained her ankle the night before our shoot and had all but spent the night in the ER — what a trooper. I think the pain & the freezing temps were worth it, though, because I’m so in love the way these photos turned out!