Josh & Molly | Engaged

When I think horses, my sweet friend (and neighbor!) Molly always comes to mind. This girl loves horses with such an intensity that it’s actually strange to see her NOT riding a horse. Any man that was going to date Molly knew that there was no use in trying to get between a girl and her horse — that’s why it always makes me smile when I see the two of them riding by my house some weekends, Molly on Flint and Josh on another horse walking side by side. We took these photos all across the area we live in, called Clopine — it’s super special to Molly since she grew up riding all through these woods and pecan orchards. Josh & Molly’s wedding will be under a canopy of huge pecan trees this summer and I couldn’t be more excited for these two. I’m smitten with how their engagement photos turned out, but I have to say I think I favor the ones at the end with Flint the most.



Oh, and Josh handled this little incident like a champ. 😀