Lauren | Senior Portraits | Class of 2014

I adore this girl. I babysat Lauren and her sister, Kendall, during the summer of my sophomore year of high school. Being the morning person I am {cough, cough}, Lauren and Kendall would shake me awake each morning when they got out of bed to start a day full of snacking on Cheeze-Its, walks around the neighborhood, fort-building, and watching movies. My nickname became “Ashlee Depp,” coined from my then-love of Johnny Depp. To this day, I haven’t lived my nickname down, as Lauren and Kendall still call me Ashlee Depp! Lauren is one of the most genuinely sweet people that I know; she’s also a tremendous flute-player. We wandered around the countryside a few weeks back and came back with a card-full of images of this beautiful girl! Enjoy!