Lauren & Todd | Married in Sycamore, GA

Despite the bitter cold that swept through South Georgia on Saturday, everyone attending Lauren & Todd’s Sycamore, Georgia, wedding had warm hearts. Lauren’s fun personality and sense of style could be seen in every last detail of the decor. From the Hollywood-style bridesmaids dresses paired with gloves to the couple’s first dance in the middle of the street blocked off by local police (yep, you read that right), each aspect of the wedding was unique. The couple’s “first look” had me holding back my own tears behind the camera as Todd turned around and was instantly moved to tears himself. Sorry to rat you out, Todd! :)

One thing that really stood out that day was the couple’s emphasis on family. Their musical family & friends performed multiple touching songs during the ceremony and I dare to say there wasn’t a dry eye in the entire church. The evening ended in the hands-down most interesting way, as Todd was doused in baby powder and green glitter. The couple drove off into the sunset with the “Just Married” shaving cream banner leaving a trail.