Lauren & Zack | Engaged

Zack and I have known each other since the beginning of time. At least that’s what it feels like. I believe we actually met in second grade at Westfield and we remained close friends throughout high school and into college. To this day, he’s one of my closest friends and someone I know I can depend on for anything. Whether we’re road-tripping to Nashville and missing exits, enjoying some “sweet, peachy and perfect” icecream, riding in the back of Tom’s truck, blowing things up, eating noodles with our hands at our 10th grade Homecoming dance, shooting potato guns at greenhouses, sliding around the yard on the roof of a golfcart, wearing blonde afro wigs in the drive-thru line of McDonald’s or getting attacked by stingrays, I can always count on having a happy heart when I’m around him. He’s been my constant friend during the good times and the bad times. Obviously, I knew it would take a very special person to one day be his wife.

Enter Lauren. I can clearly remember the day he told me about her; we were on our way to a wedding, and he was in the back seat literally about to explode with excitement. As he was recounting the details of their first date, I remember thinking…”Lauren. Lauren Hamsley…I like it!” By the time we reached our destination, I was almost positive he was going to marry her. When I met her a few weeks later, I WAS positive this was the woman Zack was going to marry. So, I wasn’t shocked when he called me a few weekends before Easter and told me about his plans to propose.

When you think of a life partner for one of your closest friends, you always hope they find someone that makes them the happiest person in the world. And Lauren. Oh my goodness, Lauren.

I love her.

Lauren is the kindest person I’ve ever met. Her inner beauty simply radiates and pours over to anyone around her. She has a heart of gold and an awe-worthy faith in God. As I sit here on my porch tearing up, I’m honestly unable to put into words how I feel about her. I can tell you, she’s perfect for Zack. She makes him a better person, and before her, I didn’t even know that was possible. She is one in a million and I’m filled with joy that the Lord brought these two together to begin forever.