The Hoots Family

This post is so special to me for about 100,000 reasons. For times sake, I’ll just name a few of them.

First and foremost this family. Julie and I had never met until the very beginning of this year, despite the fact that her husband my my fiancé are cousins. I’d been living in Athens and Chattanooga and they were in Atlanta until we both moved back to the Middle Georgia area around the same time. Julie and I sat next to each other at lunch after church on the first day we met and once we got to talking, our ‘husbands’ could barely pull us apart. I remember feeling understood – there was a level of comfort that I don’t usually have when I first meet people. A feeling that she understood me and I understood her. I got in the car afterwards and could barely contain my excitement, telling Tom how wonderful she was and how I wished we could be best friends and how I needed someone like her around here. After a few more lunches and talks, we both admitted that when we left lunch that day, we told our men essentially the same things. This family has become so important to me. I hope these photos portray them how they really are: fun, down-to-earth, loving, silly, real.

Next, this location. These photos were all shot where Tom and I are getting married. I will never, ever, ever forget what Mr. Bill (he and his wife own the house and property) told me as we were talking on Halloween night. I was in tears attempting to explain my connection with the place and I just couldn’t find the words. He stopped me mid-speil and, in one sentence, summed up what I’d spent countless hours trying to figure out. “In the Bible, it says the Lord creates places on this Earth where we feel nearer and closer to him and LP is a sanctuary for you.” I’ll never forget that. It all suddenly made sense and of course, more tears were shed, but it’s true. I don’t think about cancer, ringing phones, bills to pay, work to get done when I’m surrounded by those peach trees. I feel peace and solace and comfort.

So, that’s enough rambling. Be sure, before you look at the photos, to look at this sweet video from their session: The Hoots Family.

“Of the places we left behind, 
No longer yours and mine 
But we could build a good thing here, too. 
So give it just a little time, 
Share bread and wine 
Weave your heart into mine.” 

Josh Garrels | Bread & Wine