The Many Faces of Amelia | Happy First Birthday!

One of my favorite parts about the Watch Me Grow package is that you get to know the family pretty well over the course of the year. Amelia NEVER disappoints, as I find myself laughing until my side hurts every time I photograph her. See, Amelia has mastered the art of making the “you are an absolute nut, photographer lady” face. Allow me to show you…

“Why are you barking at me?”


“That was funny the first 100 times you did it. Mom, can we go home yet?”


“First one to smile loses. You lose.”


“Mom, this lady is seriously mentally insane. Do you see the way she’s acting?!”


“I thought I told you to leave me alone.”


“Dumb grownups, thinking I’m going to do what they want if they coo enough at me…”


“I have an idea. Go Away.”






But for every puzzled face she makes, she makes 100 cute ones. Happy Birthday, sweet girl! You are loved so much!

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