The Whiddon Family

Here in the South, we all know that you can’t schedule anything other than a tailgate or party on the afternoon of the Georgia/Florida game, photoshoots included. So when the Whiddon’s photoshoot got scheduled for 12:30 on Saturday, I will admit: I was a bit nervous since it’s the brightest part of the day.

You see, shooting at that time of day isn’t ideal. You can’t exactly shoot in direct sunlight, the subject’s eyes are always squinted, and you don’t have that beautiful soft light that accompanies a sunrise or sunset. But, you also can’t tell a man he’s got to pose for family photos instead of watch football. The moment I pulled up to Southern Bridle Farms, my anxiety faded. My jaw literally dropped; the dirt road leading up to the barn is lined with beautiful pecan trees with low-hanging limbs. There’s a long wooden fence surrounding the property. The barn is beyond gorgeous with huge sliding doors and the property has plenty of wooded areas surrounding it that make perfect photo backdrops. If you’re planning on getting married within the next century, I’d definitely recommend checking this place out.

Everything just seemed to fall together perfectly and I’m so excited to share these images. The kids were sweet as pie and there’s no other way I can think to describe the Whiddons other than pretty. They’re just a pretty family, inside and out. And since some of us are Georgia fans and some of us are Florida fans, a little family rivalry always makes for a fun shoot. This is by far one of my favorite family sessions I’ve shot to date. Hope y’all enjoy.